My name is: Vijay Kumar S Khatokar Bharatiya.

With the blessings of Lord Sri Krishna, I am the Founder of this blog / website.

My family background: I was born in a family, where nearly 50 members were living together in a single house and I have been always proud of this.

I have seen the in-depth worries and happiness about “Relationships and Parenting” and have good knowledge about the same.

My Education: I have completed Engineering in 2003 in Electronics & Communications. I was an ordinary student like many.

My Interests: I like anything and everything which is related to Lord Sri Vishnu and want to give correct advice and solutions about “Relationships and Parenting” with my vast experience living in a huge joint family.

My Dislikes: I don’t give any interests which is against Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma) and India.

This is because, only in India we believe in “Vasudaiva Kumtumbakam, this means, whole world is one single family.

Someone who doesn’t give respect to family, relationships and parenting is highly reprehensible.

Professional life: After working for multiple companies for about 15 years, now since May 2018 or so working as a Freelancer and Blogger.

But I had already started writing a blog called “Bhagavan Bhakthi” (About Hinduism) from 2013 itself and have been continuing the same even today.

You can visit my other website called “Bhagavan Bhakthi” from this link: Bhagavan Bhakthi blog (website)

I am indeed finding great joy in understanding the greatness of “Relationships and Parenting” as it give real peace and happiness to me.

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