Who is a Narcissist (person, wife, husband, man woman, sibling, friend) (full information) | How do you keep a Narcissist away from you | How to deal with a Narcissist | How can you tell if someone is narcissistic? | Examples of narcissistic behavior (traits)

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Just before going to “Who is a Narcissist (person, wife, husband, man woman, sibling, friend) (full information) | How do you keep a Narcissist away from you | How to deal with a Narcissist | How can you tell if someone is Narcissistic? | Examples of Narcissistic behavior (traits)“, let us know a brief, basic and very important information.

Who is a Narcissist (Narcissism) : Narcissism is a self-obsessed and self-centered personality style that is overly concerned with oneself (himself / herself) and thinks only about his/own own needs, usually at the expense of others.

Individuals exhibiting a narcissistic personality are preoccupied with maintaining overly positive self-concepts. A narcissist is overly concerned with receiving positive, uplifting feedback from others about self.

A Narcissist reacts with intense positive or negative emotions when they succeed or fail to receive confirmation that others value them highly. 

Narcissists always want positive feedback about themselves and they actively manipulate others to demand or solicit their admiration.

Accordingly, Narcissism is thought to reflect a chronic form of interpersonal self-regard regulation. Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental health condition in which people have an irrationally high sense of their own self importance.

Narcissists expect and seek a lot of attention and always want people to admire them all the time. People with this disorder lack the ability to fully recognize, understand or care about the feelings of others, almost completely.

But behind this overconfident mask, they are unsure of their self-esteem and are easily upset by the slightest criticism. Narcissism exists on a continuum from normal to abnormal personality expression. Surprisingly normal, healthy levels of narcissism also exist in humans.

Similarly, there are more extreme levels of narcissism, especially in people who are self-absorbed or who have a pathological mental disorder such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

Narcissism is not necessarily ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and it all depends on the circumstances and outcomes in which it is measured. 

In few social situations, such as starting social relationships, and with certain outcome variables, such as feeling good about oneself, healthy narcissism may be helpful.

In other cases, with outcome variables such as maintaining long-term relationships and accurate self-knowledge, narcissism is not helpful.

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Symptoms of Narcissist (Narcissism) is as given below:

A Narcissist always expects to be appreciated as superior despite his/her lack of accomplishments. A Narcissist usually criticizes and looks down on people they feel are unimportant.

A Narcissist has an excessively high sense of self-importance and always needs constant and excessive praise and admiration. A Narcissist wants to indulge in ideas about success, power, fame, brilliance, beauty or the perfect partner.

A Narcissist often feels that they deserve advantage, independence, liberty, privileges, and special treatment. A Narcissist behaves in a proud manner, they always brag a lot and come across as arrogant personality.

A Narcissist usually believes that he can only spend time with or understand others who are comparable to and equally special. A Narcissist makes their success, achievements and talents seem bigger than they usually seem.

A Narcissist is often jealous of others and often believes that others are jealous of them. A Narcissist has an incapability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others.

A Narcissist commonly expects special favors and wants other people to do what they want without questioning them. A Narcissist often takes advantage of others by sweet-talking or coercing them to get what they want.

Complications of a Narcissist person (Narcissism) are as given below:

Depression and anxiety : They are usually depressed and commonly have high anxiety levels. | Physical health problems : A Narcissist generally will have physical health issues. | 

Relationship difficulties : As they always have the superiority complex, their relationships with the family members will be unfavorable. | Suicidal thoughts or behavior : They become depressed very fast and thus they tend to have suicidal thoughts and behavior. | 

An eating disorder called anorexia : They usually have an intense fear of gaining weight and a distorted perception of weight. |

Drug or alcohol misuse : Due to depression they tend to find ways of unwanted happiness and get attracted towards drug and alcohol. | Problems at work or school : As a young kid they grow the mentality of self-importance and this may continue in their workplace as they grow up.

Causes of Narcissists (Narcissism) is as given below:

The cause of narcissistic personality disorder is unknown. The reason is probably complex. Narcissistic personality disorder may be associated with the following:

Heredity : It may have genetic characteristics such as certain personality traits. | Neurobiology : It is a state of connection between the brain and behavior and thought. | 

Environment : Parent-child relationships characterized by excessive adoration or uncontrollable criticism that are not commensurate with the child’s appropriate experiences and accomplishments.

Risk factors of Narcissists (Narcissism) is as given below:

The real and authentic cause of Narcissistic personality disorder (Narcissism) is unknown. Some researchers think that overprotective or outright neglectful parenting may affect children born with a tendency to develop this disorder.

Heredity and other factors play an important role in the development of narcissistic personality disorder (narcissism).

List of points about “Who is a Narcissist (full information) | How do you keep a Narcissist away from you | How to deal with a Narcissist” is as given below:

Know about Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) : It is always very important to know about the signs of NPD, so that it becomes easier to spot them at an early stage itself. 

Know the information about NPD, it helps you better understand a person’s strengths and weaknesses. This will help you to get prepared to navigate any challenges that may arise today and tomorrow or anytime in the future. 

Along with this, this is the first step in learning to accept them for who they are and have more realistic expectations about your relationship with them.

Talk to NPD experts and also read some books written by NPD professionals. It can help you learn better ways to communicate with your loved ones who are showing signs of narcissistic personality traits.

If he/she is not your loved one or you don’t want to be with him/her, you are the best judge whether to continue the relationship with them or not.

No second chance : Experts say it takes the average person seven tries to leave an abusive or unwelcome relationship. 

Researchers say that if you leave them, they may try to seduce you in various ways to get you back, and then they may dump you later.

Because everything has to be on their terms and if they are a little physically violent at the moment, there is no guarantee that they won’t be more violent with you in the future. Do not give them any second chance and you need to take steps as given below.

Warning signs to watch for in a Narcissist : Blaming you for everything that goes wrong. Monitoring your movements or trying to isolate you.

Saying how you really feel or should feel. Routinely projecting their flaws onto you. Denying things that are obvious to you or trying to gaslight you. Trivializing your opinions and needs.

Disregard their manipulative tactics : Narcissists will use their different tactics to attract you, so don’t let them take over you. They have a whole bunch of games like love bomb, sweet words to control you, but eventually they will take revenge.

You can’t beat a narcissist by playing games like them, because that’s what they ultimately want. So, ignore them when they try to use tricks on you. Ignoring is the best and easiest way.

This drives them crazy because they can’t control you anymore. Don’t debate too much with a Narcissist, as they will escalate things until they get their way. They are completely incapable of viewing reality from your point of view.

Just disregard and ignore them. Revenge is actually one of the narcissist’s best games. When they feel inferior, they will spread rumors about you, try to destroy you, and become violent when things don’t go their way. 

In few cases, they will always try to take revenge for a long time by inflicting mental and physical torture on you. Normal methods of revenge don’t work on a Narcissist, but they hate you moving on with your life.

Remember, they will never change : A Narcissist can never change his state of mind, just as a toxic chemical cannot change its form. 

Researchers say they’ve helped people who have divorced narcissistic spouses and that one of the biggest mistakes they’ve seen is trying to change their toxic behavior.

Researchers say that a narcissist is mentally incapable of changing into a normal person. The researchers add that due to the nature of their toxic state, they do not believe they can turn into normal humans.

Build your own self-support : Building your own strong self-support will make it easier to deal with and cope with some of the NPD person’s potentially harmful behaviors. 

You may face many difficulties with NPD person, but with your own strong self support you can definitely overcome all these pains.

Engaging in positive self-support, practicing self-motivation, and finding a healthy support system can help you develop resilience and boost your self-regard. Having more self-support makes it easier to set clear boundaries, be assertive, and stand up for yourself.

Show how joyful you are without them : Yes, you need to show that you are more happy and joyful with him/her. You should make them feel that you are enjoying your life without their involvement and presence.

All these are like hot coffee to them. They cannot drink the coffee because it is too hot and at the same time, they can’t wait to taste it. Seeing you so much happy will absolutely torture the Narcissist. 

They are not really happy because they don’t have the emotional capacity to control all this. They can only play games and try to bring others down, but they cannot make someone happy and similarly see others enjoying their lives. 

Make them feel that you’re living your best life without their presence and they’ll experience their own version of heartbreak.

Leave them without notice : There are many things in your life which you have to do without informing someone. If someone is bothering you too much, you should take your final stand and move on. 

You should not immediately tell the narcissist that you want to end the relationship. This is because, the Narcissist will start love bombing you to keep you emotionally locked in the relationship. 

As such, their behaviors can become even more toxic without your knowledge. And thus harm your overall well-being, physical safety or reputation, sometimes all three.

Set the limitations : When dealing with someone with NPD you may notice that limitations are being crossed. 

Rather than trying to change someone with NPD, it’s best to set limitations about any outcome that is unacceptable to you and you need to communicate this clearly to the NPD person.

Instead of making idle threats or ultimatums, you should enforce these limitations to ensure that you are taken seriously by the other person. If you don’t start with this, the NPD person may take undue advantage of you and eventually you may face bigger problems.

Limitations help you shut down a Narcissist. Because a Narcissist will never tolerate anything that violates their privacy. Setup limitations by figuring out what you want and what you don’t want from this person.

Don’t provide what they need : A Narcissist always wants all the good things in their life, but doesn’t want to give anything to others. Focusing on your needs shows them what they are missing out on.

Narcissists are just users and not providers. They expect you to always be there for them all the time, but they have no intention of reciprocating it to you. 

Start saying “no” to them, and you will easily see them show their true colors. So, focus on what you need. They’ll soon get frustrated and irritated and will realize how good of a partner you’ve been to them since long time. 

Completely avoid taking their phone calls and messages. Fully stop reacting to their words. Totally refuse to give them any compliments. Absolutely stop doing favors for them. Don’t pay attention for their needs. Avoid talking to them as much as possible.

Completely avoid all arguments : Avoid arguing with a narcissist, because they will escalate things until they get their way. For them, their own interest is most important than the interest of others. 

They are completely incompetent of seeing things from your point of view. Ignore them totally. If you stop arguing with them, they will soon realize that they are not that important to you and start feeling the heat.

Instead of getting into a heated argument with them, keep your cool and don’t react to their negative words. They soon realize that they are not important to you and they start to become mentally weak.

Not just promise, demand instant action : Narcissist love to make promises and they love even more not to fulfill it. Very often, they are very sincere about making promises.

A Narcissist is a really good optimistic person when doing promises. However, when it comes time to fulfill it, they always look to get away with it as much as possible. 

Although direct confrontation is not at all recommended, it is important to be clear about what you want or expect from them, and you should always express yourself calmly and gently.

Because a narcissist gets angry very quickly and they may try to use unfilthy words against you or abuse you. Indicate that you will fulfill their requests if and if only after they have fulfilled yours. You need to be consistent and follow through to get your prospects taken seriously.

Stop all contact with them as much as possible : The more you interact with a Narcissist, the more confident they become. Communicating with a narcissist gives them power, so avoid it altogether.

The less you talk to them, the more they lose their self-efficacy. On the other hand, they will try to use communication channels to get back into your life. 

If you start interacting with them, they will have more self-affirmation and on the other hand if you don’t communicate with them, they will feel your loss. Block them from your phone contact and on all social media networks and try to avoid places where they will be. 

If and only if you have children or you work with them, you need to keep communicate to them. Try to limit your conversation to talking other than your children or your work.

Emphasize on healing from exploits : The Narcissist’s mind will not be in place all the time. Only their interest is more relevant to them. Maintaining a regular relationship with someone with a narcissistic personality can take a toll on your own mental and physical health.

Narcissists try to steal your power by belittling or criticizing you, so focus on your own self-empowerment. Their aggressive criticism can destroy your self-esteem and self-respect, and they can make you doubt your own abilities.

The real truth is that you are very deserving of love, and you have many wonderful and unique qualities that make you very special. 

Take a moment to sit in a room and think quietly to remind yourself of how wonderful and important you are. Consider working with a specialist to help you restore your self-regard and self-esteem after this toxic and unfruitful relationship. 

They can definitely help you with narcissistic abuse and all the negative things that have happened to you all these days.

If you have symptoms of uneasiness, depression, or unexplained mental and physical illnesses, or if you are affected by a relationship with a challenging person, see a primary care physician first.

Once you have a basic screening and checkup, you can ask for referrals to other services. Contact your family and friends and call in your support system for help. No need to go it alone.

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