How to be a good (successful) mother (roles) (qualities) (challenges) (struggles) | What is the biggest challenge you face as a mother? | Good mother checklist | Struggling to be a good mom | Tips and advice to be a great mom

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Just before going to “How to be a good (successful) mother (roles) (qualities) (challenges) (struggles) | What is the biggest challenge you face as a mother? | Good mother checklist | Struggling to be a good mom | Tips and advice to be a great mom“, let us know a brief, basic and very important information.

Mother meaning (Who is a good mother) : Previous researches, experience and studies have shown that a good mother is a person who is loving and supportive to her children and mother’s behavior has a great impact on the child’s cognitive and social development.

A good mother instills overall well-being and self-confidence in her children. Children of such mothers want to make their mother proud, and an involved mother encourages inner growth and strength in her children.

No mother on this earth has developed her good qualities overnight. Every mother should learn about her own behavior from his mother or mother-in-law or family, or others and correct them in time and when necessary.

Along with this, a good mother should slowly but steadily add value to her qualities and improve day by day and one by one and upgrade as a mother.

It is not a one day or one week or one month or one year process. This should continue for years until you (the mother) feel confident that your child has grown up well and that he/she is capable of making his/her own decisions independently, intelligently and wisely.

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List of about “How to be a good (successful) mother (roles) (qualities) (challenges) (struggles)” is as given below:

Give children examples about the great personalities : Great people have always shown us the path of honesty, loyalty and trustworthiness.

A person with great personality qualities is unique because he/she is sincere to his/her family, country and humanity (environment). At the same time a great personality is not only honest and loyal to others, but also to himself/herself.

A great personality is the one who wisely admits that he/she is wrong when he/she is wrong. Trust cannot be bought, it is not for sale. It can only be earned. 

Another great lesson you can learn from these great people is the importance of self-confidence and self-belief, because there will be many people who will try to stop you from walking the right path.

And if you personally don’t believe in yourself and the power of the right path, chances are you’ll give up and become one of the many ordinary people who complain about how hard life is, how hard it is to be a good mother.

And nothing seems to work for you. There are many benefits that children can get from great people. One, it helps them build self-confidence and self-esteem.

It will help them develop their social skills necessary to make the right friends and build the right relationships today and tomorrow.

Benefits of knowing great personalities : When your child grows up he/she will have that special self-confidence of a great person who knows how to interact with people, how to communicate with others.

How to dress appropriately in a group, how to improve leadership skills, presentation skills, positive thoughts etc. Your child will also be a good mother or father with these values.

Take your child outside and show various people : The best way to teach your children wisdom and values is to take your children outside and show them different types of people.

Because practical’s provide more knowledge than just theoretical lessons. The world is very big. Different people live in them. All have their own unique stories.

Teach your children who is right and who is wrong. What is lawful and what is unlawful. How to behave properly and how not to behave incorrectly etc. 

Take your children to the local market and show them different people how they talk, how they behave, how they sell their products, how they negotiate things and how they cheat their customers.

As mentioned, there are different types of sellers and buyers in the market. Some sellers are good, some sellers are bad. Some sellers sell their products with high loyalty, but some sellers cheat their customers.

Your children should have ideas and lessons about different people. Because in future he/she will have to deal with different types of people. Be it in his/her office, market, railway station or airport or on the road, etc.

Your child has to learn many things. As a mother you should fill his/her mind with all good thoughts. You need to make sure that your child is not only honest, but also has the ability to fight against dishonest people.

Make your child strong like a rock and make your child more and more knowledgeable. Only knowledge and values can make your child physically and mentally fit and fight against all the evils in his/her life.

Don’t just be emotional, but also be logical : Many parents are only emotionally attached to their children and completely fail to be logical and practical in their behavior. 

As a mother, in many ways, logic is stronger than emotion. The more critically and objectively you think before making a decision, the better the decision will be for you. 

Similarly, the less you are motivated solely by emotion and instinct, the less impulsive or irrational decisions you may make. Many times, emotions fail, but logic prevails.

You have to be emotionally attached to your child, no question about it, but at the same time you have to make decisions wisely and logically. Many times, taking decisions emotionally does not give you the desired results.

But, if you start thinking more validly and sanely, you will start thinking about the positive side of your children. Sometimes, you may have to discipline your child and may need to punish your child for his/her wrong doings. Emotions do not work here.

Likewise, emotional skills as a mother are a better predictor of success in life than intelligence. Studies show that parents need to know how their children’s brains work to help them reach their full potential.

Here, you have to be the best judge of yourself as a parent or a good mother. You have to find out where emotions work best and where logical thinking works best. Make wise decisions in the end.

Give your children ample time : You and your husband may earn lots and lots of money, you may have luxurious cars and bikes, you may be the richest person in your city.

Similarly, you may buy all the modern gadgets to your children, luxurious clothes to your children, purchase a car for your children, etc. but all these will be secondary to your children as a good mother.

You should also give your children the time they need. Working in an office for 10-15 hours daily does not give peace of mind. You should spend time with your family, this is true peace for you and your family.

Don’t expect your child to be a well-behaved child or a good citizen of the country if you spend time only making money during your child’s first 20 years, when your child needs you the most.

Your children may be mingling with the wrong people in your absence. Your children may be addicted to unwanted things (drugs, alcohol, etc.). They may have learned all the bad things, which is not at all necessary.

Be aware of all these things and start bonding and having a good time with your kids. Give them all the wealth you can afford, but at the same time give them values, life values.

Let your children know that all luxury items are secondary to them. First let them learn to be human, respect others, be good citizens, patience, honesty, sacrifice etc. are most important to them than enjoying luxury in their life.

Your child is your mirror image : Your children’s behavior is likely to oscillate according to your actions and reactions in their life. At some point, your children become your mirror image.

If you behave negatively, your child’s behavior will change accordingly and if you behave positively, it will change in the same way. Your child is how you behave at home. Because children learn from their parents and others at home.

Provide your child with unconditional love, attention and care. Try to set a daily routine for the child. A child’s sense of stability, confidence and uncertainty in the world is determined by the behavior of their parents.

As a parent and good mother, always show your children the respect they deserve, because you gave birth to them and it is your duty to take care of them properly.

Be positive with your children, don’t argue with them and always be kind to them. Always treat them the way you want to be treated. As you take care of your child, your child will take care of you as you grow older.

That’s what it mean to be, ‘you are your child’s mirror image‘. One of the best ways to show respect to your children is to trust and belief in them. It usually means giving them the freedom to make their own decisions.

But this freedom should be provided only if you feel that the child is now capable of making his/her own decisions independently. Till then you have to show them the right way.

Reward your children as per achievements : Using words of praise and giving rewards will help your child feel good about himself / herself and boost the confidence level enormously.

A reward makes your children excited about reaching their goals and reinforces the sense that they are making progress, which can be very motivating and encouraging for your kids.

When you use extrinsic motivation (rewards), back it up with intrinsic motivation. Tell your child why the task is important. Use words of encouragement as your children work toward their goals. Praise the process of their work, not the result.

What motivates children to succeed? : Children are more motivated when they have some self-confidence, self-belief, and can choose to pursue personally meaningful pursuits.

When children have their own choice, such as a project in their school, or even a little wiggle room in how work is done, children are more likely to be engaged and this ultimately boosts their confidence levels.

Is it good to reward children frequently? : The main aim of rewarding children is to encourage a particular behavior or habit. This is to increase their self-confidence in themselves.

If you focus too much on regularly rewarding your children, they may focus only on the rewards and not on developing those good habits. Even if it’s an intangible reward like praise, too much of it can turn your child into a narcissist.

Here you have to be your own judge as to when and how much to reward your children. At the same time, you should remember that any work done without due diligence can lead to useless things.

Support children for their efforts : Children benefit most when parents support them in their daily activities, especially if they are down and and low in confidence.

With supportive parents, their children can continue to grow and succeed in everything they do. Children really feel more confident when they know that their parents support them with their genuine hard work and efforts.

When children’s natural curiosity is encouraged and supported, they can become self-motivated and love doing things because they enjoy doing them. Children are very innocent, but at the same time they give their 100%, you provide them with support and care.

Especially young children depend on parents not only for their safety and health, but also for daily, positive interactions that literally build children’s brains.

Children who grow up in a positive and supportive environment where they are encouraged tend to develop self-motivation and a strong sense of pride in themselves with less concern for pleasing others in the future.

At the same time, it is very important to have a safe and loving family and to spend time at home and play, sing, read and talk within the family. Proper nutrition, exercise and sleep can also make a big difference in children.

Appropriate discipline is important : Proper and appropriate discipline enables children to develop self-control and also helps them become emotionally and socially mature adults in the future.

Disciplining your child means teaching them responsible behavior and self-restraint. With appropriate and consistent discipline, your child will learn about consequences and take independent responsibility for their own actions.

The ultimate goal of discipline is to encourage the child to learn to manage their emotions and behavior. They should control their feelings and act judiciously at appropriate times.

Proper discipline followed today will ensure your children know and follow rules and regulations in the future also and lead a better and safer life overall in his / her life.

Proper discipline is one of the first lessons parents should teach their children in their lives. It is an important part of children’s life as it improves their habits and leads to a developed personality and life today and tomorrow.

Self-discipline helps children overcome procrastination and laziness and prevents them from taking things for granted. It directs them to choose what they want now and what they want for the future too.

But at the same time as a parent and mother you should be aware that strict rules without equal love and affection can trigger defiant and rebellious behavior in children.

Excessive rules without proper love and care can make children misbehave. Also, parents who are too controlling and don’t allow children to make their own choices can trigger errant behavior.

Also, as a parent and mother, yelling and being violent towards your children will make them more aggressive, physically and verbally. Yelling in general, in any case, is an expression of anger. It scares children and makes them feel completely insecure.

As a father, mother should also be a role model to children : Dads serve as role models to their children by working to be their best selves and not to expose his (father’s) imperfections to children. 

Similarly, mother also plays an important role in the development of children’s mentality. It is the mother who provides all the positive knowledge at home, which is useful for developing the child’s future. 

Mothers should also demonstrate loving predictability, stability, discipline and unconditional acceptance. A mother and a mother’s influence on children lasts a lifetime.

As a mother, what you say and do now will shape your children’s attitudes, how they behave, and the decisions they make as they journey into adulthood. 

As a parent and a good mother, you influence your child’s basic values like religious values and educational choices related to their future.

And the stronger your relationship with your child, the more influence you have on your child, because your child is more likely to seek your guidance and value your opinion and support.

An “ideal mother” is one who should be responsible as a “parent” and “mother” and a “friend”, provide the necessities of life to her children, and provide high-quality communication with mother-child sensitivity, affection and patience.

Teach your child the basic household works : Doing household chores helps children learn what to do to take care of themselves and the family. It is one of the basic things that children should and must learn early in their lives.

By learning about household chores, children learn skills such as preparing meals, cleaning, organizing, and gardening for their adult lives. Children cannot depend on their parents or others throughout their lives for these basic things.

It is always better to teach your children to do all the household chores irrespective of their gender. Assigning household chores to your kids can definitely take some of the pressure off as a parent.

Household chores also helps build life skills and teaches children responsibility and to live independently. Completing household chores helps children feel part of the family team. 

Assigning household chores to younger children shows that you trust them to get a family task done. Doing household chores around the house can be just as effective as jogging or working out when it comes to reducing your heart disease risk and extending your life.

Children who manage household chores develop a spirit of collaboration with the family and become valuable assets as part of something larger than themselves. This, in turn, lead to professional success and better relationships for them in the future.

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