Communication Between Husband and Wife (Couples) (Importance) (Marriage, Relationships) | What is Positive (Effective) Communication in Marriage? | What Causes Lack of Communication in Marriage | How to Improve (Fix) Communication Between Husband and Wife

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Just before going to “Communication Between Husband and Wife (Couples) (Importance, Marriage, Relationships) | What is Positive (Effective) Communication in Marriage? | What Causes Lack of Communication in Marriage | How to Improve (Fix) Communication Between Husband and Wife“, let us know a brief, basic and very important information.

What is communication : Communication in simple words is the process of exchanging ideas, feelings (mental and physical), information etc. between two or more people or groups. Sometimes, it can happen within one person and/or between two or more people.

Different types of communication are given here: Giving, receiving or exchanging ideas, information, signals or messages | Using appropriate media such as voice, paper, physical movements or electricity |

Persuading, seeking information, giving information or expressing feelings | Writing, speaking, or using media that provides a means of understanding between two people | Etc.

What is communication between wife and husband : Communication is how married couples or spouses share their physical and mental emotions, thoughts, feelings and needs with each other.

Without proper and effective communication married couples sometimes may feel disconnected, misunderstood or unsupported, resulting in isolation and dissatisfaction. Thus, good and effective communication is highly essential for several reasons.

Why is communication important between husband and wife? : Open and effective communication builds oneness, trust and respect between wife and husband, and these are the few most important characteristics of any marriage.

We show our partner that we trust and respect them when we show our honesty and vulnerability through open and effective communication. Trust is built by being vulnerable and honest, and respect is always gained as a result.

List of aboutCommunication Between Husband and Wife (Couples) (Importance, Marriage, Relationships) | What is Positive (Effective) Communication in Marriage? | What Causes Lack of Communication in Marriage | How to Improve (Fix) Communication Between Husband and Wifeis as given below:

Respect is the first powerful tool : Mutual respect between husband and wife is the first communicative stepping stop of all successful marital relationships.

A loss of mutual respect can quickly destroy a marriage or, more often than not, lead to a painful, stressful and unhappy life for the couple. Each spouse should show respect by recognizing the value of the other.

Mutual respect is highly essential in marriage. This is really important! This is a sign of a deep connection that is trust, support and without doubt, you love and appreciate each other completely.

Some of the benefits of mutual respect between a wife and husband areMutual respect overcomes the fear of being different, Mutual respect upholds healthy boundaries in the relationship,

Mutual respect forces you to “check your feeling and emotions” when you have differences, Mutual respect strengthens the relationship between you and your spouse, etc.

Give up ego and unwanted pride : When a person starts thinking only about his/her ego and gratuitous pride is more important to him/her in marriage, they stop serving their partner and quickly start serving themselves.

People of this type no longer prioritize their partner’s needs and can quickly become demanding, forcing, over ambitious or dissatisfied when the partner fails to meet their needs in the way they want.

As a married person and to be happy, first you need to think about your spouse’s needs than your expectations and requirements. 

Past experiences suggest that forgiving your partner for their foolish mistakes is a way to let go so that you can heal and move on with your life.

Forgiveness means giving you, your children, and your spouse the future you and they deserve—one that isn’t hindered by hurt and anger. Just be positive and avoid all the negative thoughts in your mind.

Make decisions together : All family related decisions need to be made together, whereas every decision you make individually in a relationship affects the other person.

To maintain a healthy relationship, each partner should consider their partner when making decisions. Every decision you successfully make together as a wife and husband brings you closer to each other –

deepening the connection and increasing the level of trust that you look out for each other, placing each other’s needs as equal to (if not above) your own.

Making decisions together helps couples experience positive emotions, which increases relationship satisfaction, helps couples unite to resolve differences, and provide hope when working through difficult challenges. This also allows both to maintain their individual identity.

Prioritize each other’s needs : Working together to meet each other’s needs is like a dance of joy that creates a meaningful and lasting relationship.

Successful relationships require a solid understanding, so it helps early on when needs are consistently met to build trust and security between married couples. 

When you prioritize your marriage, you put your partner above all else in your relationship. This way, your partner comes first to you and you make daily efforts to pay attention to them, spend time with them and communicate with them.

A marriage thrives when you learn how to prioritize your partner. Prioritizing your relationships works best when you truly love your partner with minimal expectations.

Prioritizing means you prioritize your spouse first and automatically God will give you the best things from your spouse. Prioritizing means compromising and uplifting each other.

Practice active listening : Active listening refers to a person’s ability to receive and interpret information during the communication process. Without active listening skills, you will not be able to receive and interpret what the other person is saying to you.

As a result, the communication process breaks down, and the speaker can quickly become irritated. Active listening strengthens relationships and demonstrates attention, care and respect.

However, listening is more than just hearing. To truly listen, you must give your undivided attention and put aside your own agenda and requirements. 

The benefits of active listening to your spouse are vast and enormously powerful. Only by effective listening can you understand your partner, enhance relationships, leading and motivating your partner, or learn from your spouse.

Listening is the gateway to your desired results – and it’s key to your and your spouse’s well-being too!

Use ‘we’ more, instead of ‘I’ : Couples who use the word “we” more often than “I” when talking about especially difficult topics are happier, calmer, exhibit more positive emotional behavior, have less negative automatic arousal, and are generally more satisfied in their relationships.

On the other hand, couples who use “I” more instead of “we” tend to have more negative facial expressions, negative voices, and body postures, and ultimately end up with long fights and regrets.

When you see a married pair who use “we” and say, “let’s face it,” it’s easy to recognize the trust, love, and spark of this couple.

It’s the little things—the little words you use every day that reveal the nature of your connection and the mission of your relationship—that build your bond stronger and stronger and stronger…

Curtail blaming and criticism : Blaming and criticizing are truly toxic in any relationship and even more damaging in married relationships. Being on the receiving end, blame and criticizing can be exhausting, exasperating and painful.

It can make you feel insecure. Criticism, blaming and accusing can have devastating effects because it makes the victim feel attacked, rejected and hurt.

This often causes couples to fall into an escalating pattern where criticism reappears with greater frequency and intensity. Past experiences have shown that blaming and criticizing are common communication problems that can drive couples apart.

Over time, these blaming or judgmental comments can hurt your partner and destroy the relationship. Habitual criticism destroys the foundation of a relationship – and that’s no exaggeration.

Be open to feedback : Getting your partner’s feedback is a vital and crucial factor between you two, not just once or few times, but throughout your life. Feedback is therefore a fundamental part of achieving effective two-way communication.

Hence, feedback is a fundamental part of achieving effective two-way communication between you both. Without feedback, communication is nothing but a mere information.

This makes feedback a primary factor in the communication process because it gives you both an opportunity to analyze the impact of the message. 

The benefits of providing correct feedback to each other areYou both form a better bonding, feedback promotes honesty and trust. Sometimes this involves criticism, which most people are not comfortable with, but when given in the right way, it can help you both evolve.

Set boundaries : Boundaries help determine what is okay and what is not in a relationship with partners or family members. Ideally, we put boundaries in place to protect our well-being.

Setting boundaries help us build confidence, safety and respect in relationships. Setting boundaries allows couples to preserve your autonomy, protect your mental health, and foster healthier, more satisfying relationships.

By clearly expressing your needs, you avoid feelings of resentment and emotional exhaustion, promoting a healthy relationship with each other.

Benefits of setting boundaries includeBuild higher self-esteem | Get clarity about who you are, what you want, and your values and belief systems are. |

Bring attention to yourself and your well-being | Boost your mental health and emotional well-being | Avoid burnout | Develop independence | Gain a greater sense of identity |

Be lively and have fun : To live lively and having fun together can help couples experience positive emotions, which can increase relationship satisfaction, help couples unite to overcome differences, and provide hope when working through difficult challenges.

When you make time for fun and recreation, together it strengthens your connection and builds a positive outlook on your relationship. A positive outlook is when you can see your spouse in a positive way and feel more optimistic about the future of your relationship.

How do you have fun when you get marriedTry new hobbies together, Joke around now and then, Set goals together, Always stay positive, Play games (outdoor, indoor and intimate), find new reasons to celebrate, etc.

Do household chores together : Doing household chores is an important way for spouses to communicate with each other. Most married adults say that sharing household chores is the key to a good and fulfilling married life, not just for a day, but for a long time.

Participation in family responsibilities, not just by married adults, helps children develop essential social skills. Most importantly, the child understands that he/she is part of a community (your family) and that as a member of the community, he needs to share responsibilities to keep the community going.

Some of the benefits of doing chores together as a family areChores encourage adults and children to settle into routines, Chores help build a sense of purpose, Chores help develop a strong work ethic,

Chores teach life skills, Improve planning and time management skills, Chores help develop self-reliance, Chores prepare children for their first job and making them feel included and valued etc.

Talk romantically through eyes : Even if two people believe they are listening carefully, it’s easy to have a misunderstanding. Making eye contact helps both of you focus on the conversation and read facial expressions.

It can improve understanding and communication. And improving understanding can significantly improve communication between you both. Eye contact makes you both feel good and connect with each other, romantically.

Prolonged eye contact is thought to release phenylethylamine, a chemical responsible for feelings of attraction. This is thought to release oxytocin, the love chemical most closely associated with long-term bonding and commitment.

When you look into your spouse’s eyes and share their feelings and emotions, you connect with them on an emotional level. It is an important bonding and keeps the attraction alive over time.

Don’t be prejudiced : Don’t try to judge your partner in the first instance. Let them openly tell you about their opinion and then after discussion, you can come to a conclusion and not with a prejudiced or preconceived mind.

A prejudiced mind is the most harmful of all. When you judge your partner based on their looks, behavior or beliefs, you don’t always understand who they really are or what’s on their mind.

By making such assumptions, you deny yourself the opportunity to learn from and appreciate the diversity of your partner. For example, if you think your partner is dishonest or untrustworthy, you are more likely to regard them with suspicion or contempt.

Such behavior fosters a negative and toxic environment and can lead to conflicts. Take a step back, think few times and then react slowly and wisely.

Avoid over communication : Overcommunication is repeating the same message over and over again. In simple words, it is the process of communicating more than seems necessary to emphasize a point.

This can irritate your partner and cause unnecessary harm. Instead of over-communicating, you can use simplification, recap and amplification to get your work done.

These three techniques are highlighting techniques, which are meant to help your partner understand and focus on what’s most important.

An example of overcommunication is constantly and rigorously sending unwanted and unnecessary messages or updates to your spouse, overwhelming them with information overload that disrupts their productivity and focus.

Increase curiosity : Curiosity is a very powerful communication tool to improve the relationship between wife and husband. If your partner is more curious about you, you will get more love from your partner.

Curiosity in the other person and in ourselves lends itself to greater emotional intimacy. More curious couples showed greater sensitivity in the interpersonal sphere.

Studies have shown that low curiosity and high aggression are dominant in new and ongoing intimate relationships (So called modern and highly educated people), which has to be avoided completely.

By asking questions every now and then (not intensely), sharing past experiences, and exploring each other’s hobbies, you and your partner can keep the spark alive in your relationship. Curious relationships will never be boring.

Minimize screen timings : We are living in a fast-paced world and we want everything at just a click of a button. Yes, you are worth it, but, that alone is not your life. 

Looking at social media for a long time can make you excited for a while, but in bed you can find it difficult to sleep peacefully and serenely. This can reduce the amount of time you sleep and make you feel less refreshed the next day.

Try limiting (or stopping) social media a few hours before bedtime to allow your body to breath-well and prepare for sleep. Instead, go and talk with your spouse for some time.

Device screens produce blue light, experts say, which is the part of the light spectrum that is most active during our sleep cycle. Stimulation of this part of the brain suppresses melatonin production, making it difficult for many people to “turn off” their brain and fall asleep.

Experts observed a significant effect on sleep for children who used electronic devices in their bedroom within two hours of bedtime. 

Screen time within this window has been linked to inadequate sleep duration, poor quality sleep, and excessive daytime sleepiness the next day.

Staring at a screen for hours every day not only causes eye strain, but it is also mentally taxing and leaves us feeling tired and frustrated, and off course our communication with our spouse will drop enormously.

In general, however, a good rule of thumb is to put your devices away for an hour or two before going to bed at night. That includes not only phones but also other devices and electronics. This will make you to wake up early in the morning.

Forget anger before going to bed : Anger management plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and thriving relationship. Feeling emotions like anger is normal, how we express and handle it can make all the difference in the world of relationships.

Emotions such as anger in any relationship should not be understood as being expressed in an uncontrollable manner. Managing anger and managing your response to an angry family member is an useful skill that promotes intimacy and maturity in any married relationship.

Managing your anger has many benefits such as improved relationships, mental health, physical health, increased productivity and better self-esteem.

Although it is impossible to avoid ever getting angry, learning to deal with your anger issues in a healthy way is crucial to a happy and successful married life.

Physical intimacy only with your married spouse : More often than not, however, an extramarital affair results in hurt feelings, broken trust, and potentially irreconcilable differences, and thus no communication at all.

No wonder, then, that marital infidelity is a leading cause of divorce. Always remember that we humans are intelligent humans. Humans have also conquered space with their intelligence.

But for some people, this wisdom doesn’t work when it comes to being physically intimate with multiple partners. Some people sleep happily with multiple partners. Remember that no human on this earth is happy after an extra marital affair.

Along with physical ailments, having an extra marital affair can cause emotional problems not only for you or your spouse, but also for the entire family. Avoid extra marital affair and enjoy your life with your only spouse.

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