How to be a good, better, best, perfect housewife (modern ideas) | The good housewife guide | How can I improve myself as a housewife? | How do I become a better wife? | What should be the daily routine of a housewife? | What skills do you need to be a housewife?

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Just before going to “How to be a good, better, best, perfect housewife (modern ideas) | The good housewife guide | How can I improve myself as a housewife? | How do I become a better wife? | What should be the daily routine of a housewife? | What skills do you need to be a housewife?“, let us know a brief, basic and very important information.

The word housewife or homemaker has a negative connotation in the 21st century. The origins of the housewife can be traced back to the Industrial Revolution.

As people moved from agrarian societies and into modern cities, women faced new roles in society depending on the situation. In today’s modern lifestyle, the definition of housewife has changed a bit.

That is, a woman who stays at home and takes care of her children and home, while her husband works and earns money. But this has a smaller definition of the great words like HOUSEWIFE or HOMEMAKER.

Correct meaning of Housewife (Homemaker) : But the real and long meaning of Housewife or Homemaker is that she is a real woman who works hard for her family, for the upliftment of her entire family,

who takes care of her children’s education, who thinks about her and her family’s better future, she is the one who gives good (patriotic) children to her country,

she gives confidence to her husband not only once – but regularly, she is the one who protects her family from everything, as well as she has unlimited jobs that can’t be given in few words.

Importance of a Housewife (Homemaker) : She is the root and backbone of the whole family. If you water the roots of a tree, the same water will easily spread to the entire tree. 

Similarly, if a woman is provided with intelligent information (education and cultural ethics) from her childhood itself, then she can provide the same information to her entire family.

List of about “How to be a good, better, best, perfect housewife (modern ideas) | The good housewife guide | How can I improve myself as a housewife? | How do I become a better wife? | What should be the daily routine of a housewife? | What skills do you need to be a housewife?” is as given below:

Provide confidence to your husband : Life is not always positive. Throughout your life there will be many ups and downs. Both of you (husband and wife) should always support each other and provide all necessary confidence to each other.

As a wife you are the only hope for your husband (and vice-versa). If you are with your husband all the time, your husband can win any situation and difficulty in his life – financial, emotional, health or whatever – he always wins.

It takes two confident people (wife and husband) to make a family work. Couples with low self-esteem tend to be self-destructive, which subconsciously ruins your happy family. That’s why couples should always try to maintain their self-respect by confiding in each other – all the time.

Nullify your EGO : Ego plays a role in ruining many relationships. Undue pride can destroy friendships and create rifts between family members.

If you have problems with your family members and others, you should leave your ego behind and take steps to correct old wrongs quickly. One of the biggest reasons why the ego is your best enemy is because it keeps you out of touch with your family and reality.

Your ego prevents you from asking critical but necessary feedback from your family and others. Ego overestimates your own abilities and worth, and underestimates the effort and skill required to achieve your goals.

You are not alone in your family and you should think that my ‘whole family’ should always be happy and not just me. If your family is happy and contented, you will be cheerful and satisfied. If your family always has ‘problems’, you cannot be happy at all.

Teach moral principles to children : All great men and women today are ‘great’ because their mothers inculcate good values about great men and women in their children.

You should educate your children about wise men and women and their morals. Teaching children good values and responsibility helps them to think from other’s point of view and help others.

It can help them realize their purpose in life and the good works they have to do for others in the society. Moral values help children to be more selfless and put the needs of others before themselves. 

In the formation of children’s morals, there is no better influence than the mother’s support.

Through appropriate punishment, reinforcement, and direct and indirect teachings, mothers should instill morals in children and help them develop beliefs that reflect the values of their culture and country.

Take care of your family : In almost every country in the world, women are the primary caregivers of children and the elderly.

Many studies show that when the economy and political organization of society change, women take the lead in helping the family adapt to new realities and challenges.

Women are the main initiators of outside help and play an important role in facilitating changes in family life. Women are the building blocks and backbone of the entire family.

You are the main source of the society, without whom no one can progress at all. Women play an important role in supporting their families and communities in achieving food and nutrition security, generating income and improving livelihoods and overall well-being.

You feed your family the right food. You are the God’s grace not only to your family, but to entire society. Whole family and country is completely dependent on you.

Listen to your family : Listening is more than just hearing. Listening to your family is one of the most important communication skills, yet it is often overlooked or undervalued. 

Effective listening means listening to your family, both their successes and failures, understanding their perspective, and providing thoughtful and appropriate feedback. 

As a homemaker or housewife, effective listening is key to building strong and meaningful family relationships which are built on mutual respect and understanding.

Good housewives who listen to their family take the time to actively listen to the situation and gain a deeper understanding of their family problems, leading to effective solutions. 

Feeling heard and understood empowers family members to feel more confident, share their thoughts and ideas, and be more productive. 

Effective listening helps avoid all the family misunderstandings. Mastering the art of listening takes time and practice, and it can lead to a more fulfilling and satisfied family life.

Have healthy arguments : Fighting and arguing are common in family relationships. But, it doesn’t have to end in rivalry and hurt feelings. Engaging in disagreement gives you and your family members an opportunity to explore the conversation in a deeper way than surface-level small talk.

By setting limits and agreeing to avoid using toxic language and incorrect body language, can be helpful to have more productive arguments in the family, as this keeps the environment positive.

It’s a way to show respect to your family members even if you disagree with them. After you are done with the argument with your family member you should do it in a way that you feel light.

Equal importance should be given to listening to the others while arguing. Ultimately, healthy arguments should lead to healthy relationships.

Don’t waste time : Successful and caring housewives or homemakers do not waste time. Success can mean something different to everyone.

But no matter what your version of success is, certain time-wasting habits are holding you back from any kind of success in life. If you have good habits you are more likely to achieve worthwhile goals. 

Instead of wasting time, if you learn new (good) things, it will help you gain new and knowledge-based perspectives on the world around you.

It helps you gain new experiences, trains your brain to handle a wide range of family challenges, and keeps your neural pathways active. All these factors combine to keep your family mentally strong and healthy.

Learning new things rewires your brain, improves brain health and function, and increases brain size. When you understand what happens in the brain when you learn something new, you can truly appreciate the potential benefits of lifelong learning.

Prepare food at home : As a homemaker or housewife it’s always healthy to eat and serve food which is prepared at home.

Consuming homemade food supports your and your family immune system and reduces the risk of diseases like heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Eating homemade food can give you more energy, improve how you sleep at night, and help manage health issues better. At home, you wash dishes and utensils before serving food or preparing food for your family members which maintains hygiene and prevents diseases.

Thus, we can say that touching food with hands is clean and hygienic at home. Another reason to prefer homemade food is that we can save lots of money.

If you eat out, you are not sure that the restaurants maintain hygiene and as most of us know, many restaurants do not use fresh ingredients like vegetables, meat, fruits, grains etc.

Don’t gossip negatively : Negative gossip undermines family trust. Those Homemakers or Housewives who engage in the practice may be surprised if group members gossip about them behind their backs.

And it is expected that the person who is its target will know about it and will probably never be able to trust their family members, friends etc. Although it may seem like a fun and frivolous way to pass the time by doing negative gossiping, but will destroy relationships.

It sets up a dynamic in family relationships where there is no trust, and when there is no trust, there is a lack of care and engagement. Those people who are identified as the focus of gossip often develop poor self-images.

This is especially true for women. Other studies have shown that the effects of gossiping can be associated with loneliness, depression, anxiety etc.

Create a positive environment : As a Housewife or Homemaker positive environment fosters a sense of belonging and connectedness that is essential to a family’s emotional well-being.

Women can create a positive environment at home by providing a structured routine and positive reinforcement on regular basis. A positive environment at home promotes holistic development of all family members.

The physical environment affects how children learn and develop. The available space inside and outside the house affects how resources are arranged. It is important that the environment is welcoming, clean, safe and stimulating.

Positive family environmental relationships are important for many reasons. It help children feel safe and loved, which gives them the confidence to explore their world, try new things and learn. Your family will find it easier to solve problems, resolve conflict, and respect differences of opinion.

Create open communication : Open communication can significantly improve relationships between family members within the same household.

If you are a Homemaker or Housewife, communicating freely with family members and anyone involved in your family (friends, relatives, neighbors etc.) can lead to better relationships. 

Since open communication encourages family members to keep their ideas open, they build on each other’s ideas to come up with family-friendly solutions to all current and future family issues and problems.

No one can break your family ties if you communicate properly. One of the main benefits of implementing open communication within family members is enhancing family relationships.

Letting family members know they want to express their thoughts improves morale, which often leads to better relationships. This can improve overall family confidence.

Do household chores as family : Never hesitate from taking help to complete your household chores. Doing household chores as a family definitely builds trust, togetherness and off-course family relationships.

Children love to help you with family chores. Doing chores helps children learn what to do to take care of themselves, the home, and the family. They learn skills like meal preparation, cleaning, organizing home and gardening in their adult life. It’s always great to do chores as family.

Benefits of doing household chores as a family includechores can lead to creative problem-solving, chores are linked to lower risk of dementia, completing your chores can increase motivation, chores are good for your family’s health in many ways, doing chores can reduce stress, and many more…

Budget with your family : Many people say that kids don’t understand budgeting. No, you are wrong. It is suggested to include your children when you are budgeting (children aged 11+ years).

These children need to learn about financial management from an early age and should be allowed to learn from an young age itself. It’s never too early to know about money and finance.

Family financial planning is a systematic process that involves evaluation, managing and optimizing the family’s money related resources to achieve both short-term and long-term goals while ensuring financial security and stability of the whole family.

Basic money management is about meeting your family’s daily expenses, managing unexpected bills and adequately saving for the future. Money management can put you in control of your money, helping you feel less-stressed and more secure.

Keep yourself and your family fit : Regular physical activity is one of the most vital things you can do for your and your family’s health.

Being physically active can improve your brain health, help you manage weight, reduce your risk of diseases, strengthen your bones and muscles, and improve your ability to do everyday activities.

When the whole family is more physically active together, everyone benefits by helping maintain a healthy weight, reduce stress, and reduce the risks of heart disease and other serious conditions.

And you can find ways to stay active year-round. Take a morning walk (and/or evening walk) or play a game with your family.

Choose activities that require physical movement, such as bowling, catch or miniature golf. Select sports equipment wisely. Give children things that encourage physical activity, such as balls, kites, skateboards, and jump ropes.

Make wise friends : As a Homemaker or Housewife, real friends can help you celebrate the good times and provide support during the bad times. Friends prevent isolation and loneliness and give you the opportunity to provide much needed companionship.

Friends can also increase your sense of belonging and purpose. True friends will improve your quality of life, help you grow mentally, promote healthy self-confidence, offer unconditional love and honesty, and provide unwavering support.

Joining groups and clubs in your community is an excellent way to find new (wise) friends who share your values and interests. Wise friends keep us grounded and help us remember what we value and want to achieve in life, even when things get tricky.

True friends stand by us as we adjust to new changes. They remind us of our potential, relieve stress, identify our comfort zones and prevent us from feeling lonely.

Use screens wisely : We are living in a fast-paced world and we want everything at just a click of a button. Yes, you are worth it, but, that alone is not your life. 

Looking at social media for a long time can make you excited for a while, but in bed you can find it difficult to sleep peacefully and serenely. This can reduce the amount of time you sleep and make you feel less refreshed the next day.

Try limiting (or stopping) social media a few hours before bedtime to allow your body to breath-well and prepare for sleep.

Device screens produce blue light, experts say, which is the part of the light spectrum that is most active during our sleep cycle. Stimulation of this part of the brain suppresses melatonin production, making it difficult for many people to “turn off” their brain and fall asleep.

Experts observed a significant effect on sleep for children who used electronic devices in their bedroom within two hours of bedtime. Screen time within this window has been linked to inadequate sleep duration, poor quality sleep, and excessive daytime sleepiness the next day.

Staring at a screen for hours every day not only causes eye strain, but it is also mentally taxing and leaves us feeling tired and frustrated.

In general, however, a good rule of thumb is to put your devices away for an hour or two before going to bed at night. That includes not only phones but also other devices and electronics. This will make you to wake up early in the morning.

Forget anger before going to bed : Anger management plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and thriving relationship. Feeling emotions like anger is normal, how we express and handle it can make all the difference in the world of relationships.

Emotions such as anger in any relationship should not be understood as being expressed in an uncontrollable manner. Managing anger and managing your response to an angry family member is an useful skill that promotes intimacy and maturity in any married relationship.

Managing your anger has many benefits such as improved relationships, mental health, physical health, increased productivity and better self-esteem.

Although it is impossible to avoid ever getting angry, learning to deal with your anger issues in a healthy way is crucial to a happy and successful married life.

Physical intimacy only with your married spouse : More often than not, however, an extramarital affair results in hurt feelings, broken trust, and potentially irreconcilable differences.

No wonder, then, that marital infidelity is a leading cause of divorce. Always remember that we humans are intelligent humans. Humans have also conquered space with their intelligence.

But for some people, this wisdom doesn’t work when it comes to being physically intimate with multiple partners. Some people sleep happily with multiple partners. Remember that no human on this earth is happy after an extra marital affair.

Along with physical ailments, having an extra marital affair can cause emotional problems not only for you or your spouse, but also for the entire family. Avoid extra marital affair and enjoy your life with your only spouse.

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