What is Marriage (Beautiful Meaning, Explanation, Definition) | What is a Common Law Marriage (Spouse, Wife, Husband) | What is Marriage in Psychology (Sociology, Importance, History)

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Just before going to “What is Marriage (Beautiful Meaning, Explanation, Definition) | What is a Common Law Marriage (Spouse, Wife, Husband) | What is Marriage in Psychology (Sociology, Importance, History)“, let us know a brief, basic and very important information.

Definition (Beautiful) of Marriage : Marriage is the main lifeline of two persons (wife and husband / groom and bride). One should choose the life partner after much thought.

When any one of them sees the other, they should be delighted and be able to share everything in their lives, not only in the beginning, but until death.

Main Pillars of Marriage : The main pillars of marriage are Sacrifice, Understanding, Contentment, Trust, Respect, Empathy, Humility, Communication, Zero Ego,

Acceptance, Caring Each-Other, Strong Bond, Commitment, Exclusivity, Positive Gratitude, Physical Intimacy, Sex Only With Your Married Spouse and Lots of love.

History of Marriage : Marriage simply is not existing since only just few years or few thousand years, no, not at all. Marriage has existed since the appearance of humans on this earth and will surely last until the end of the human race.

Importance of Marriage : Married people are responsible and accountable to each other for all their actions, and both parts of that dynamic lead married people to live more responsible, fruitful, and satisfying lives.

Marriage is a transformative act that changes the way two people see each other, their present and future as a family, and their roles in society.

Meaning of Marriage (Modern) : Marriage, usually a legally and socially sanctioned union between a man and a woman, is governed by laws, rules, customs, beliefs, and attitudes that dictate the rights and duties of the two partners and the status of their offspring (if any).

Meaning of Marriage (Ancient) : The ideal idea of marriage established by ancient people is a ceremonial way of bringing together two persons, i.e.,

A boy (groom) and a girl (bride) to lead a happy, fulfilling life with the birth of their offspring(s). Thus, the main purposes of human existence can be fulfilled together.

Let’s take the above said ‘Main Pillars’ of marriage and understand “What is Marriage” with beautiful examples, explanation with well-researched methods (both modern and ancient concepts).

List of about “What is Marriage” is as given below:

Sacrifice : If you are looking for a long-term relationship with your spouse, then sacrifice is the most important factor in that relationship. Sacrifice doesn’t mean you need to give-up everything to your spouse.

No, not at all. Remember, sacrifice doesn’t need to be perfect, but it has to be real. Sacrifice means you need to understand your spouse’s needs.

You need to manage that and need to harness your spouse for their development, giving equal importance to your self-growth too. You need to find time to know your spouse’s likes and dislikes. 

While willingness to sacrifice is associated with positive outcomes, true sacrifice is associated with growth for both of you. 

You have to adapt to your partner and at the same time, you have to manage your own goals in life. That’s the real sacrifice in married life.

Understanding : Marriage is about getting to know each other better, not just once, but all the way through. It is about accepting each other, their families, their past and present.

It’s also about supporting each other to be better people. It’s about accepting their strengths and flaws equally. Taking time to understand your life-partner will improve your relationship.

Often, love prompts a desire to communicate and connect with each other. This can lead to a greater understanding, appreciation and respect for each other. 

A lack of understanding can cause couples to lack communication, be inattentive to each other, and distant from each other.

Thus, always make sure you make time to talk to your partner every day. The more you listen and talk to each other, the closer you will become.

Contentment : As you consider your marriage at its current stage and phase, you may find things that are not perfect between both of you. And while we must always be growing in our areas of weakness, we can find balance in life through contentment.

Practicing contentment can protect your love and your marriage. Being content means being physically and emotionally satisfied with the way things are.

Someone who is content is willing to accept current circumstances with peace of mind. Contentment does not always mean being happy with what you have and not thinking of a better life.

No, not at all. This means, you should be happy with what you have and at the same time, you should constantly strive for the growth of your family without giving or taking any kind of negative pressure.

Trust : Trust provides comfort in a married relationship where couples can learn to count on each other. Trust is a valuable asset in every marital relationship.

It is the cornerstone that shapes a person’s ability to engage in happy relationships. Trusting your life-partner allows you to feel safe, secure and supported.

Since marriage is a lifelong commitment, it is important to know that you have someone you can trust and confide your thoughts, feelings and worries to. Trust is the foundation of any married relationship.

It creates harmlessness and openness between spouses, and for most couples, love and trust go hand in hand. It has more to do with our general belief that our partners have our best interests at heart and that we matter to them.

Respect : Each spouse should show respect by recognizing the value of the other. Mutual respect is essential in marriage. This is really important!

This is a sign of a deep connection that is trust, support and without doubt, you love and appreciate each other completely. Respect means you accept your spouse for who they are, even if they differ from you or you disagree with them.

Respect in your relationships builds trust, safety, and feelings of well-being. At the same time, try to upgrade them for all the positive results. The power of respect and love drives the couple to be in the best performance mode of all time.

They are motivated to give their best to each other, as this increases their sense of worth: both couples feel important and loved to each other.

Empathy : In relationships, empathy is vital for two main reasons: 1) It allows you to understand your partner on a deeper level and 2) It helps you build a stronger connection with them.

Empathy with your partner better equips you to manage conflict, support and love. By practicing active listening, expressing yourself, and addressing past hurts, you can become more empathetic in a relationship.

However, in some cases, you may need professional help. It may be difficult to empathize with your partner in every situation or every time. You cannot establish or sustain a healthy, genuine marriage without practicing compassion.

This is key to building intimacy, trust and a deep connection with your partner. Remember, Empathy = Road for the long-lasting and happy married life.

Humility : Without humility there cannot be true love in a marriage or you cannot communicate effectively with each other. Not many are born humble. Modesty is a choice, a choice when an attitude arises in you or your partner.

Humility makes a person lovable and attractive. The ability to see your own faults and admit when you are wrong is an expression of humility in marriage.

Asking for forgiveness and sharing forgiveness with your partner are constant expressions of humility. When you choose humility, you consciously declare that there is nothing beneath you. 

Thus, humility is a vital feature of meaningful relationships. It inspires growth within each individual and nurtures your basic human need for relationships.

Humility breeds connection, and connection is the bedrock from which hope, purpose, and meaning blossom.

Communication : Communication means paying attention and listening when your partner is sharing something with you and understanding in a way that lets your spouse know he or she has been heard.

You can show that you are listening by putting down what you are working on, looking at your partner, and repeating back in your own words what you understood him or her to say. 

Open, positive and right communication builds trust and respect, and these are two of the most important characteristics of any marriage. You show your partner that you trust and respect them when you show your honesty and vulnerability through open and right communication. 

Trust is built by being vulnerable and honest, and respect is always gained as a result. Communication is key to a successful marriage. It’s not surprising, but it bears repeating.

You and your partner may share life together, but that doesn’t mean you’re communicating effectively. Communication problems translate into other problems such as loss of intimacy.

Zero EGO : EGO is the NUMBER ONE reason why relationships fail and marriages end in divorce. Many couples think they are speaking the truth to each other, but in reality, this is just the ego’s version.

You have to be your true self to speak your truth. And that requires going beyond your ego and unwanted pride. The worst result of ego in marriage is that it makes you lose touch with reality.

It prevents you from understanding what is true and what is untrue and does not allow you to listen to your spouse and others, in and outside your family.

Ego can make you insensitive to the feelings and emotions of your spouse. You focus only on your own needs and desires, ignoring the impact of your actions on those around you. Strained relationships, ultimately, if left unchecked, ego can lead to the breakdown of relationships.

Acceptance : Acceptance helps keep your relationship healthy, leading you to greater intimacy and mutual care. When you and your partner agree, you are more willing to listen and understand each other’s perspectives and suggestions.

Acceptance helps keep your relationship healthy. Because, acceptance makes it easier to appreciate the good things about your spouse and your relationship, it leads you to greater intimacy and mutual care.

The acceptance phase is characterized by a deep sense of mutual respect, shared values, and a vision for the future. Married people who reached this final stage have decided that they are in a relationship for the long haul and with each other’s family and friends.

Caring each-other : Caring in married relationships is the practice of providing care and support to an intimate relationship partner. Caring behaviors aim to reduce the partner’s distress and support their coping efforts in threatening or challenging situations.

Taking care of each other is one of the most important and vital responsibilities of a marriage and it is impossible to fulfill this responsibility adequately if you are always fighting, disconnected or emotionally unavailable.

Caring increases intimacy, brings sensuality and love to the relationship, which strengthens the bond between the couple. If you or your partner seem to have a problem with the difference between caring and being cared for, it is suggested to consider getting marriage counseling.

Strong bond : A bond between married couples is a strong feeling of friendship, love, or shared beliefs and experiences that unites both of them. Marriage is a bond between wife and husband that no one else can understand.

This bonding gets you through life is when you need each other the most and share the most wonderful experiences. A true wife and husband bond of love fosters a connection that goes beyond the ordinary man’s imagination.

It is a bond that involves understanding each other’s core values, beliefs and goals in life. This connection creates a sense of camaraderie where both partners feel like they are on the same team, working towards common dreams.

Bonding is the joining of two persons that lasts until death, but in practice is usually may cut short by separation or divorce, which should be avoided in all circumstances.

Commitment : The emotional aspect of personal commitment enhances your marriage life, because it dictates how you feel about your spouse and governs how you treat how you feel about them.

Personally committed partners think of each other in a positive vibration. Commitment makes relationships long-lasting and it helps couples overcome the challenges they face.

Commitment means always putting your partner’s needs before yours, no matter what. Commitment in a relationship is a strong indicator of self-discipline, resilience and persistence. 

This is the value that separates the strong hearted from the weak. Committed people do their best work, even outside their comfort zones.

For commitment people their spouse’s happiness is more important than anything else. Commitment means doing whatever it takes to make the relationship successful.

Exclusivity : A special and exclusive relationship allows a married couple to experience intimate aspects of their lives with each other in ways that are not experienced or expressed by rest of the world.

Exclusivity means, you are specially available only for your spouse. Relationships cannot be formed without the central premise of individuality and exclusivity, because without it there can be no trust at all.

An exclusive husband and wife can trust each other completely and know that the gift of self cannot be given to anyone else. 

Exclusivity gives you a chance to make a commitment without taking on more serious labels and all the expectations and changes that can come with them. This level of commitment is likely to increase the sense of comfort and safety for you and your partner.

Positive Gratitude : Positive appreciation and gratitude strengthens your relationship. A strong relationship is built on communication, trust and mutual respect.

Showing positive appreciation and gratitude to your spouse is a way of showing that you value and respect them. This will help strengthen your bond and make your relationship more resilient.

Research has shown that expressing positive appreciation and gratitude releases oxytocin, or the “love hormone,” which builds greater connection and bonding between wife and husband.

Showing positive appreciation and gratitude to your spouse makes them feel good about what they do and it makes a difference to their lives. It makes them feel good about themselves, forces them to move forward with renewed vigor, and strengthens your relationship.

Physical intimacy : Physical intimacy strengthens and reinforces emotional intimacy, which is understanding, seeing and being known by the other after realizing one another. Physical intimacy and all the physical effects can bring an emotionally intimate relationship closer.

It’s human nature to need physical intimacy – which is why simple physical affections like holding hands, cuddling, hugging and kissing is important in married relationship – along with emotional understanding and deep feeling of physical warmth.

Physical intimacy is vital in a married relationship because it is the basis for physical and psychological contact and communication. It ensures that the married couple is happy, allows them to be themselves and ensures that both the wife and husband get the care and comfort they need.

Sex only with your married spouse : More often than not, however, an extramarital affair results in hurt feelings, broken trust, and potentially irreconcilable differences, and thus no communication at all.

No wonder, then, that marital infidelity is a leading cause of divorce. Always remember that we humans are intelligent humans. Humans have also conquered space with their intelligence.

But for some people, this wisdom doesn’t work when it comes to being physically intimate with multiple partners. Some people sleep happily with multiple partners. Remember that no human on this earth is happy after an extra marital affair.

Along with physical ailments, having an extra marital affair can cause emotional problems not only for you or your spouse, but also for the entire family. Avoid extra marital affair and enjoy your life with your only spouse.

Lots of Love : The importance of love between a wife and husband is unimaginable and infinite. After all, marriage is always a divine arrangement and without love, we will never be able to have the drive, focus, selflessness and patience to make your relationship a lasting success.

In love, the common feeling that brings two hearts together in marital union is “I for you and you for me”. This mutual love creates a strong and long-lasting relationship. People who marry for love feel that they are destined for a happy and successful life.

Love means staying true to your commitment, being loyal to your partner throughout life, and treating your partner with appreciation, respect, and grace, even when he or she doesn’t seem to deserve it, or in moments when the other doesn’t want it.

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